The Home Screen

You can access this using your Fixers login details at 

On the left hand side you can see the tab labelled 'Marketing'. If you click on this you can access your Voucher Codes or Promotions page.

Voucher Codes 

These are specific codes which  customers can enter at checkout in order to receive a discount on your products. They can be either a monetary amount of a percentage discount that applies to each item in a customers booking, for example:

A voucher code with 10% off a ticket worth $100, will give  the customer $10 off every ticket purchased.

A voucher code with $5 off a ticket worth $10, will give the customer $5 off
every ticket purchased.

All voucher codes will have a unique prefix applied to them, specific to your company.

Voucher codes can be set up to either discount a specific monetary amount at checkout or a certain percentage. You can easily change between these two functions using the 'Percentage Discount' YES/NO toggle..

On the right hand side of the page you can select which products you want the code to apply to, as well as the variants you would like it to apply to eg. if you only wanted the codes to apply to a certain room or ticket type.


Promotions are visible discounts which will be shown to all customers on the booking page as below.

As with voucher codes, promotions can be set to discount prices by either a monetary amount or a percentage.

Promotions can also be set up to apply to specific products and to specific variants within that product on the right hand side.

Promotions need a start date and expiry date, the promotion will then start and end at midnight on the dates entered.

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