We believe that the experience should start as soon as the customer books a trip with you. We strongly recommend you to setup a Welcome Email one as sending it is a great opportunity to onboard your customers on what he can expect and take the most out of it incoming journey.

To setup a welcome email please follow the next steps.

The Home Screen

You can access this using your Fixers login details at http://yoursubdomain.fixersworld.com/admin

The Products list

Choose the product to which you want to configure the Welcome Email clicking on the product name.

On the product dashboard there's a blue button on the top right hand-side called Welcome Email, click on it to start building your custom Welcome Email.

The Welcome Email builder

Defining config

Start by adding the address to where your customer will engage when replying to the Welcome Email a the subject.

After properly configured, save it clicking on the bottom right hand-side button to enable the section builder. 

Adding sections

With the block builder enabled you'll be able to add Sections to your email. Go ahead and hit the Add Section.

There are 5 different types of sections for more flexibility:

  1. Text Block - A section to define a subtitle and a free message box.
  2. Text and Image Block - A section similar to the Text Block with an image placed on the left hand-side.
  3. Booking Product Detail - This blocks shows the booking details related to the booking.
  4. 'How to Get Here' Block - With this block, the system pull the information automatically 
  5. Image Block - Displays a previously uploaded image.

Placed them on your email by selecting the desired block then hit Create as shown below.

You can also use variables to make the email more personalised for the customer. Just write {{first_name}} or/and {{product_name}} and it will automatically pull the corresponding information, links can also be safely inserted through our text editor.

You can also order the blocks as you desired them to be presented on the email. Just drag and drop, be sure to save after re-order them, to ignore just leave the page changes will be ignored. 

Finally you can preview the result on your email inbox by clicking the button placed on the bottom right hand side of the Welcome Email builder.

Happy Emails!

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